Who We Are

Who We Are


Supporting the interests of residents from a number of diverse communities, we have developed a flexible and responsive service with far-reaching capabilities. Today, as the worlds of Health Care and Social Care continue to converge, we are uniquely placed to help support this complex process.

Age Concern Slough and BerkshireEast is committed to tackling the challenges of an ageing society, head on. Recognising that health and social problems are often inextricably linked, we focus on the individual needs of each client, drawing on our wide range of services to offer the best possible help, support and advice.

Where service provision dovetails effectively, it is possible to identify potential or symptomatic problems faster and more efficiently. As a result, where we are able to help prevent any minor health or social care problem from developing into something more serious, everyone wins. The client. Health and Social Care providers. Society.



Focuses on three primary objectives:

  • To be the principle champion for the rights of older people
  • To campaign tirelessly to secure a strong, coordinated voice for those we support
  • To provide quality, trusted services that enrich the lives of people in the communities we serve