Watch this space!

Retail shops start to reopen

from 15th June.

The government have stated retail shops may reopen from 15th June dependant on all Covid-19 guidelines being met. After careful planning we expect a small number of our shops to reopen by 15th June. Shop openings will be phased over a number of weeks.

Our priority remains the health and wellbeing of staff, volunteers and customers. To achieve this, the way we trade, accept donations and process stock will change from our past methods.

We're planning significant safety procedures and putting in place new processing methods to allow us to handle donations in the correct manner.

Not all our shops will be accepting donations due to space and staffing constraints.

There will be dedicated 'Donation Drop Off' locations.

How shops operate, receive and handle donations will alter so we are advising customers to call their local shop to find out if they are open and accepting donations.

The donations criteria has changed

Good quality clean, washed donations' will be gratefully received at Drop Off locations.

The safety of our staff and volunteers working with donations is our main priority.

Please understand we may not be able to accept some donations for safety reasons.